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Maxdrain connects the downspout to the gutter eliminating the need for an outlet. Made of .027 aluminum openning up to 8"x 3 1/4" tapering down to 3"x4" downspout connection  

Only four corners need caulk. This large opening allows pine needles and leaves to wash out of the gutter. The harder it rains, the better the maxdrain works. Water drains instantly while not vortexing.

If you have trees and have gutters you will need the maxdrains and maybe even the leafthrower gutter covers. Clean out your gutters today and they could be full of debris again before the next rain.

Leafthrower Gutter Cover

Never clean your gutters again*

Leafthrower is a self-cleaning gutter cover.

The only maintenance needed will be between the gutter and the leafthrower gutter cover. This can be done with jet spray nozzle on water hose. How often this will need to be done will depend on the type, size and location of the trees. Basically anything you can see(On the outside) is not covered, any problems under the Leafthrower gutter cover is covered under the warranty.

*See Warranty for details