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leafthrower gutter cover

Leafthrower gutter cover is made of .027 aluminum. Comes in 2 types, "bend" and "no bend". 4 on 12 roof slope or less you will need "no bend". "Bend" for 5 on 12 or more sloped roof. Comes in 2 colors Black and R.brown. Any light colors would show water marks.

Each piece is 36 1/2 inch long.

Leafthrower Gutter Cover Warranty

This warranty warrants to the homeowner that the LEAFTHROWER will prevent gutters from overflowing due to clogged downspouts caused by leaves or other debris. If at anytime during the life of the gutters, the downspouts become clogged with debris that causes water to overflow gutters, at no cost to the homeowner,(Your company name here) , will clean the gutters of debris.

The following terms, conditions and limitations apply:

1. LEAFTHROWER must be installed by _______(your company name here)________________________ ____________________________________;

2. Existing 2”x3” downspouts must be replaced with 3”x4” downspouts?maxdrains;

3. The warranty will not apply if clogged Gutters/Downspouts is caused in whole or part by:

A. Natural disasters, included but not limited to lightening, full gales, hurricanes, hails, or similar natural disasters;

B. Vandalism, acts of war, or civil disturbances;

C. Alteration of the gutters or LEAFTHROWERS by other trades or homeowner;

D. Water overflow due to ice build up in gutters;

E. Any debris on the outside of gutter, LEAFTHROWERS, or roof.

**4. Annual maintenance: The warranty includes debris inside the gutter, i.e., debris under the cover. Any debris on the outside of the cover requires the following annual maintenance by the homeowner:

A. Blow the pine needles, limbs, leaves, etc., off your roof; Frequency determined by type, size, and location of trees.

B. With a jet spray nozzle, spray the point where the water enters the gutter to dislodge any

hang ups of debris; Frequency determined by type, size, and location of trees.

5. LEAFTHROWER gutter covers do have sharp edges, so, if gutters become clogged, do not attempt to clean out gutters yourself. With our warranty, the homeowner should never have to go inside the gutter cover assembly.

Homeowner: _____________________ Installer: _(your company name here)________________________

(Jobsite address) __________________________________ ____________________________________

(Installing company phone) __________________________________ ____________________________________

**Annual maintenance is a service provided at an additional charge.